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Light Weight Coated (LWC) - A3

LWC/A3 is light weight coated paper or average weight coated (A3 - Japan's name)

  • Substance: 51.2gsm - 79.1gsm
  • Application: Textbooks, Block calendar, magazines, flyers, etc.

Supplier: Hokuetsu (Hi-Alpha, Alpha matt, Sigma matt)


Art Paper

  • Couche 2 side: 2-side coated paper; gloss or matt
  • Couche 1 side: 1-side coated paper; gloss or matt
  • Substance: 80gsm - 350gsm
  • Application: Namecards, calendar, flyers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, lottery tickets, books, book covers, etc.


  • Japan: Hokuetsu - top 3 biggest paper mill in Japan including 2 brands:
    + Kinmari (CP Paper is the sole distributor in Vietnam)
    + Yukibana
  • South Korea: Moorim, Hansol
  • China: Nevia, Hi-Kote, Hainan, UPM

Art Board

Two side coated paper with gloss surfaces and high thickness

  • Substance: 190gsm - 400gsm
  • Application: Luxury boxes, cards, price tags, etc.




1-side coated paperboard with grey or golden grey back side (Duplex board with grey back); or white back side (Duplex board with white back); or kraft back side (Duplex board with kraft back)

  • Substance: 180gsm - 450gsm
  • Applications:
    • Boxes and other types of general packaging, book covers, etc.




1 side coated paperboard with a white rough back side (Ivory) or brown kraft back side (Ivory kraft back)

Note: On tearing the paperboard, ivory-colored cellulose fibers can be seen.

  • Substance: 170gsm - 400gsm
  • Applications:
    • Ivory: Cigarette boxes, cosmetic boxes, pharmaceutical boxes, pizza boxes, etc.
    • Ivory kraft back: Beverage packaging (beer, soft drinks, etc.)


Fo/ Fo màu

Writing paper - Uncoated Woodfree - Color Uncoated Woodfree

Uncoated paper

Writing paper: paper with sizing, anti - smudging, suitable for using fountain pens

  • Substance: 45gsm - 400gsm
  • Applications:
    • Woodfree: Photocopy, printing paper, writing paper, notebooks, envelopes, etc.
    • Color Woodfree: cards, etc.


  • CP Paper is the sole distributor in Southern area of VN for 2 brands of UCW manufactured by April Fine Group:
    + April Premium Print (PP) for printing paper
    + April Premium Script (PS) for writing paper
Fo kem

Creamy Uncoated Woodfree

Uncoated paper in creamy color

  • Substance: 66.3gsm, 72.4gsm, 78.3gsm - 270gsm
  • Application: Books, handbooks, invitation cards, namecards, etc.


Book paper

Book paper

Uncoated paper in creamy color with high-bulk (light weight)

  • Substance: 52.1gsm, 55gsm, 59.2gsm, 66.6gsm
  • Application: Books, novels, etc.


Giấy in báo


Uncoated paper, consisting mainly of recycled pulp.

  • Substance: 45gsm, 48gsm & 48.8gsm
  • Application: Newspapers, books, flyers, etc.


Giấy Kraft

Brown kraft / White kraft

  • Brown kraft: unbleached kraft paper in golden brown color
  • White kraft: bleached kraft paper in white color
  • Substance: 50gsm - 400gsm
  • Application: Paper bags, other types of general packaging, etc.


White top liner - Kraftliner/Testliner - Medium

White top liner - Kraftliner/Testliner - Medium

  • White top liner: Coated or uncoated paper, used as outer layers of carton boxes
  • Kraftliner/Testliner: Made from virgin pulp (kraftliner) or recycled pulp (testliner) with brown color; also known as carton boxe's outer layers.
  • Medium: Used as corrugated or inner layer of carton boxes
  • Substance: 90gsm-280gsm
  • Application: Carton boxes for seafood, fruit, etc.




Grey paperboard made from recycled paper

  • Substance: 400gsm - 2500gsm
  • Application: Wine boxes, Mooncake boxes, Book Covers, Puzzles, etc.




Paper coated with special compound for transmission of texts or images; available in 3 types (CB, CFB, CF), white or color

  • Substance: 50gsm, 55gsm, 56gsm
  • Application: Invoices, duplicating purposes, etc.


Giấy Crystal


1-side coated paper with high gloss

  • Substance: 230gsm - 350gsm
  • Applications:
    • Luxury packaging (cosmetic, perfumes, etc.)
    • Photo printing paper


Giấy in tem

Stamp printing paper

Paper with a special coating

  • Substance: 110gsm
  • Application: Used to print postal stamps

Supplier: CP Paper is the sole distributor of Tullis Russell (UK) in Vietnam.

Giấy bền ẩm (wetstrengh)


Paper with high strength and resistance to water.

  • Substance: 70gsm
  • Application: label printing

Supplier: from Europe.

Giấy Bible

Bible paper

Coated or uncoated paper, depending on customer's request.

  • Substance: 28gsm - 47gsm
  • Application: Dictionaries, bibles, etc.

Supplier: from Finland.

Giấy có chứng nhận FSC
  • FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. 
  • CP Paper Corporation is proudly certified to meet the requirements of FSC Chain-of-Custody.

Food safety paper

Giấy cupstock


Available in 1-side PE coated and 2-side PE coated.

  • Substance: 160gsm - 270gsm
  • Applications:
    • 1-side PE coated: hot drinks, instant noodle, etc.
    • 2-side PE coated: cold drinks (ice-cream, yogurt, etc.)


Giấy MG

Machine Glazed

Uncoated paper with 1 glossy side

  • Substance: 30gsm - 70gsm
  • Application: Food packaging


Czech Republic: Mondi (CP Paper is sole distributor in VN); Indonesia: APP