May 17th, 2022

CP Paper - The first company achieved LEED certificate in Paper and Packaging Industry in Vietnam

Phung Vinh Hung Paper Joint Stock Company has just officially launched CP Paper Corporation (CP Paper), creating a new ecosystem in the paper and packaging industry. In particular, Phung Vinh Hung will focus on domestic paper and CP Paper will focus on imported paper.

Partners and customer visit the warehouse of CP Paper which achieved LEED certificate.

Mrs. To My Chau, General Director of CP Paper, said: CP Paper is the inheritance and promotion of Green development thought from Phung Vinh Hung Paper Joint Stock Company (PVH) Giay Phung Vinh Hung, a company with more than 30 years of development, that is always the leading merchant and also the first paper merchant to achieve FSC - CoC certificate in the industry. This is a certificate for paper products made from materials and processes controlled by environmental protection and forest protection criteria.

From the beginning, CP Paper has focused to invest on and become the first company in the paper and packaging industry in Vietnam to achieve LEED certificate for both warehouse and office, as a commitment to green - clean environment and use of renewable energy for the sustainable “green” development, "Mrs. Chau emphasized.

According to Mrs. Chau, the application and standard achievement of LEED certificate helps CP Paper save energy by using natural wind, natural light, solar power system, water saving nozzle ... according to strict standards of LEED certificate, at the same time, it also help to improve working conditions for employees, improve labor productivity, strengthen cohesion of employees and company’s culture.

Besides, although CP Paper has just been born, they have timely registered and achieved FSC-CoC certification by the Forest Management Council. "We are committed to continue propagating and promoting sales of products with FSC to join hands to protect forest resources," Mrs. Chau said.

Mrs. To My Chau, General Director of CP Paper shared the vision and strategy of “green development” of CP Paper

Currently, CP Paper provides a wide range of paper and packaging products such as office paper, books, magazines, paper bags, packaging boxes, food packaging. CP Paper's products are available in many places, serving a variety of different industries.

Regarding the key products, CP Paper is currently trading high quality paper products such as Uncoated Woodfree, Creamy Uncoated Woodfree, Art Board, Art Paper, Light Weight Coated (LWC), Grey Back Duplex, White Back Duplex, FBB, Newsprint and Kraft paper which have stable quality, are carefully selected, produced by the most prestigious Mills in Vietnam as well as in the world.

CP Paper's warehouse system has a max capacity of 40,000 tons of paper, is equipped with 11 modern cutting machines that meet the rigorous standards of domestic and foreign partners.

Source: Thuonggiaonline