May 17th, 2022


As in COVID-19 vaccination priority groups (industrial park), all employees of CP Paper Corporation were vaccinated with the first dose on June 22, 2021.

Employees have their blood pressure measured and health checked before vaccinated

Specifically, this batch of AstraZeneca vaccine (British origin) is funded by the Japanese government with 1 million doses for the Vietnamese government and 836,000 doses are prioritized for Ho Chi Minh City; in which 400,000 doses are given to priority businesses and businesses located in export processing zones/industrial parks.

Employees strictly follow the 5K rule: Mask, Disinfection, Distance, Do Not Gather, Medical Declaration during the vaccination process.

Taking care of employees' health is one of the company's top goals. After the vaccination, the company still monitors the side effects of each employee, and flexibly approves the leave if there are severe side effects.

Employees are vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine (originated in England), funded by the Japanese government.

Vaccination helps everyone to have immunity after 10-15 days, minimize the infection, or limit the patient's severity if infected.

Vaccination does not have to 100% eliminate infection. Therefore, the Company always reminds employees to absolutely NOT be subjective, still have to strictly implement 5K at work and public places: Masks, Disinfection, Distance, Not Gathering, Medical Declaration .